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Network Security

Our solutions

Secure Web Gateway

Advanced cloud-enabled network security for anyone, anywhere, any device. Maximize security and network performance with Symantec Secure Web Gateway solutions.

Advanced Threat Protection

Efficient investigation, and remediation processes are critical in today's high stakes security world. Symantec provides the telemetry that feeds our targeted attack detections, the deep forensic records that speed investigations, and powerful tools to quickly remediate breaches. Built on strong preventative protections in endpoint, network, email and cloud infrastructure.

Messaging Security

Identify targeted attacks and protect email against threats, user error, and data leakage, for the cloud generation.

Encrypted Traffic Management

Most cyber threats hide in SSL / TLS encryption — up to 70 percent of all network traffic. Symantec Proxies and SSL Visibility Appliance decrypt traffic, support infrastructure security,

and protect data privacy.

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