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Project Name: Wallachia eHUB (WEH)
Project ID: EC/101083410 – WeH; POCIDIF/1147/2/1/161799

Wallachia eHUB (WEH) implements the WEH project financed by non-reimbursable funds, 50% through the Digital Europe Program (DEP) - EC/101083410 – WeH and 50% through POCIDIF/1147/2/1/161799. The project aims to provide digitization and innovation services to SMEs/LPAs (city halls and local councils), in order to streamline the processes carried out through the digital transformation imposed by the evolution of information, multimedia and communication technologies.

Total amount of financing: 3,172,262.50 Euro

Project implementation period: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2025

Development regions in Romania where the project is implemented: South Muntenia Region (RSB) Bucharest-Ilfov Region (RBI)

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